Streamlabs vs. OBS Studio: A Performance Analysis

Streamlabs OBS vs. OBS


Streamlabs vs OBS Studio When it comes to streaming, nothing is more important than performance. When viewers watch you on Twitch, they expect fluid streams with no hiccups. Whether you’re live streaming an esports event or just talking with your fans, this will impact your viewer count and how much money you can make from streaming each month. 

The way to create the most performant stream is to use software that has been developed by people who know how to do it and do not need gimmicks or other fluff. 

Sadly, many streaming solutions provide terrible performance while claiming they can be used to improve your system speeds. Using OBS Studio gives you the best possible performance to use when streaming while still being designed in a way that any beginner can start using right away.

It comes down to StreamLabs OBS optimization OBS Studio functionality for easier user access. While this claim itself may not be entirely true since they are both open-source and free, many things certainly make this statement hold water. 

Let’s take a look at how StreamLabs OBS performs when placed up against OBS Studio to see if it has something worth using or not.

Performance Analysis

The first thing we want to do is place them side-by-side so you can see what areas of performance are being improved upon.

1. OBS Studio

The OBS Studio interface is more complex than StreamLabs OBS because it has more features for better customization options. OBS Studio can capture both game audio and microphone input while also allowing you to add multiple scenes and sources, so it makes sense that the interface would be more complex.

2. StreamLabs

StreamLabs OBS is one of the simplest streaming software solutions there is. Most users will be able to start using Streamlabs OBS within minutes while still having access to some of OBS’s powerful features, such as scenes and sources. While StreamLabs OBS lags a bit behind in terms of performance, there is a free version of OBS Studio that will provide similar performance for users who don’t want to pay for either software solution.

Both streaming solutions have nearly the same amount of features when it comes to their characteristics. The only difference is that OBS Studio has better performance, while StreamLabs OBS provides a more user-friendly interface.

3. Conclusion

As we can see, both software solutions perform very differently in performance. However, OBS Studio provides better performance when playing multiple games simultaneously while also handling audio and video encoding simultaneously. The problem is that it’s not recommended to try playing various games at once, and most streamers opt for multiple streaming programs instead of relying on one program to do everything.

Both software solutions perform similarly in encoding audio simultaneously as video. Still, the OBS Studio interface is not user-friendly, making the software more difficult to use. On the other hand, StreamLabs OBS provides a much simpler way of streaming that most users will be able to figure out right away.

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