Premium Facebook Overlays for Streaming. If you’re in need of an awesome-looking Facebook streaming overlay for your business, then look no further. We at Wingchimp have just what you need to get started – our Premium Facebook streaming overlays! Our overlays are designed specifically to match your brand and give your stream that extra attention it deserves.

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What is a Facebook Streaming Overlay?

Facebook Overlays is an extension that goes into your Facebook live stream that allows you to interact with viewers in real time and also do things like accept donations or get subscribers. For example, if you have an online gaming channel on YouTube but don’t use a gaming overlay when streaming on Facebook, it means you can miss out on donors who only want to donate through Facebook.

Why do we design Facebook overlays for streamers?

There are so many options out there, and we’ve seen some really poor designs that make Facebook streaming look unprofessional. That’s why we here at Wingchimp are so passionate about creating amazing Facebook overlays. We want to help streamers take their game to another level by providing them with an overlay they can be proud of while also making it easy to use!

How to find the perfect Facebook streaming design for you

To make sure you find a good fit for your Facebook live streaming overlay, Think about what kind of personality you want to portray on your channel. Are you an upbeat, fun person? A more serious or educational type? Once you know what kind of vibe fits with your personality, start browsing through our design. Our library includes many different designs that can help transform your Facebook stream into an engaging experience. And if none of them are quite right, we also offer custom design services so that we can create something special just for you!
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