What is Prime Gaming on Twitch? A Newbie’s Guide

What is Prime Gaming on Twitch? A Newbie's Guide


Using the Prime Gaming on Twitch streaming service can be overwhelming for those just starting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with Prime Gaming and what it means to be a Prime Subscriber on Twitch. Don’t worry! We’ll explain everything you need to know in this guide and list some of the best channels that would make good additions to your subscription package today! Let’s jump right in!

What does it mean?

Prime Gaming provides you with free games and in-game loot every month just for being a Twitch Prime member. When you subscribe to either Amazon or Twitch Prime, you receive free games and in-game bonus content each month that’s delivered right to your door. All games are DRM-free, so once they’re yours, they’re yours to keep forever—just like any other game you buy.

Why pay for subscriptions?

People use their Prime memberships differently, but there are two main reasons. First, Prime members can view free games and other perks through Twitch that they might not normally be able to see. If you’re a gamer who has been thinking about subscribing to Twitch but hasn’t yet, you can watch some free content (and maybe even earn loyalty rewards) by trying out your free trial now.

Do only big streamers have access to Prime?

No, not at all. If you’re looking to take your first steps into streaming, a member of Twitch’s Prime program may be worth considering, and it doesn’t necessarily cost you anything in return. Here’s everything you need to know about Prime gaming on Twitch!

Basically, if you have Amazon Prime (or want to sign up for an account), then you can also become a Twitch Prime subscriber as well. This gives you access to some nifty features that are otherwise behind an upgrade paywall or premium tier membership – like free games every month! In fact, one of the main reasons for joining Amazon Prime specifically for its ‘Twitch Prime’ subscription is so that users can get their hands on ad-free viewing with chat access.

Is it worth it as a new streamer or viewer?

Prime Gaming provides additional perks that are useful to streamers and viewers alike. Because of its growing popularity and presence, Prime offers streamers a much-needed boost in income and a way to build an active audience that will personalize content and ads just for them—and their favorite games. For viewers, Prime lets you save money while watching your favorite streamers or videos, get special deals and earn badges based on your viewing history. For more visit.

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