How to Use VTube Studio in OBS


How to Use VTube Studio in OBS

Being an influencer without displaying your face is no longer a utopian dream. You can only broadcast your videos using VTube Studio. But, using VTube studio in OBS might make you a well-known live broadcaster without revealing your identity.

There are several advantages to becoming a VTuber. To begin, you are not obligated to reveal your face online. However, only those VTubers who can efficiently use live streaming software are successful.

Content output and streaming are the two most important aspects of live streaming. If you are a VTuber and want to broadcast live on your channel, you should concentrate on these two factors.

To help everyone perform effectively when live streaming, follow our step-by-step instructions about how to use VTube studio in OBS to create live streaming that is both accurate and realistic.

How To Use VTube Studio In OBS

Youtubers and live streamers already understand the significant options and capabilities in OBS or Open Broadcast Software. This manual is extremely beneficial, even if you lack prior experience. Take your time and read attentively to know how to use VTube studio in OBS.


1. Create your Avatar

To become a Vtuber, you must need your Avatar that you can create by yourself on free Avatar-making apps like VTube Studio, ReadyPlayerMe or Animaze. However, you can hire any freelancer to create your professional 3D Avatar.


2. Prepare the content

You can prepare your direct live content in which you can chat with your fans. Perhaps you can also choose any other content like live games, live video commentary, or anything else.


3. Choose the live streaming background

Follow these simple steps when choosing the live streaming background:

  • Open the “VTube studio.”
  • Now open up the model you will use in your video by pressing the top icon on the left toolbar. Go to by default setting, click on the “background icon,” and choose the background you want
  • Let’s suppose you have chosen the green screen by clicking on “background 8”.
  • For adding a source, choose a game capture source. Then an option appears “add new source” add “VTube studio.”
  • Then add Mode and Window and make sure that window should match the title of the program.
  • Click on “filters ” and ” mask blend, ” then scroll down to the chroma key and click to add now. You can choose any other background from the template which covers various topics.
  • Last but not least, you’ll require broadcasting software.


4. Use OBS

This piece of software will record your streaming video game and vlogger windows. Let’s follow the instructions to use it effectively.

  • Open OBS and click on the “Plus” icon to add a scene
  • Click on “game capture.”
  • Next, select “capture specific window” and select “VStudio.”
  • Then click on allow “transparency.”
  • Right-click on the ‘VTube studio scene” and “add filters.”
  • On the left bottom filter screen, click on the “chroma-key” and right-click on “Ok.”

Now your Avatar will move and stay on the screen with transparent background. You can even make its size small or big by drag and drop methods.

General Settings in OBS For Streaming

Overall settings of OBS are self-explanatory, where you can perform the following task.

  • Change the themes into light and dark modes
  • You can start or stop live streaming
  • You can enable or disable source snipping
  • You can help or disable automatic recordings
  • Enable, disable or hide the tray icons

Streaming with OBS

  • Click on “Room” and select any catchy eye background
  • Open the VTube window pendant “separate window” with a window size of 1280×720.
  • Now open the “Full-screen VTube Maker” so the OBS push stream tool will capture the window and start pushing live streaming.
  • Finally, share your video as a VTuber with your friends and fans.

How To Utilize the Studio Mode In OBS

You can edit your scenes and swap them on-the-fly using OBS Studio’s highly potent Studio mode function.

Click the “Studio mode button” above the Settings button to access this option. Your preview screen has been divided into two displays.

Why Do You Need A VTube Studio?

VTube is an abbreviation for Virtual Youtubers. They are actual individuals who are represented on the stream by a 3D character. This enables them to be a faceless streamer with a visible and recognized online presence. VTube Studio accepts Live2D Cubism models only. Therefore, the other models, such as VRoid, are incompatible.

Vtubing has grown in popularity over the last several years, and we expect this trend to continue as more and more broadcasters shy away from displaying their true faces online. VTube Studio is the ideal tool for every Live2D VTuber.

Engaging with your audience with such a wide range of features has never been simpler. VTube Studio may be used directly with your webcam on any Windows PC or Mac.

Why Do You Need OBS?

It’s a free, open-source studio that is best for recording video and is perfect for live streaming. You can download it on windows, Linux and Mac.

Now it’s possible to mix high-quality collab videos with audio through OBS. You can create multiple scenes, including their sources, images, and text.

Its custom transition features enable users to set up an unlimited number of scenes and switch them via transitions.

The audio mixing feature, including noise gate, noise gain, and noise suppression, takes full control with VST plugin support.

Furthermore, we loved its powerful configuration options that are simple to utilize. You can now Add new sources, copy those that already exist, and easily change the attributes of your YouTube videos.

Bottom Lines

So far, the simple instruction on “How to use VTube studio in OBS” has been done. Do you grasp it completely?

Studio in OBS assists Youtubers who feel anxiety about coming live on YouTube and are too shy to show their face on YouTube. Aside from that, it enables users to conceal their identity online, which is useful if you don’t want to live a public life.

In reality, additional practice is required to master the skill of live streaming in OBS. You’ll need a professional avatar first, and then you’ll need to learn how to use streaming software like OBS for successful live streaming.

To become a more content-oriented VTuber, practice the guidelines repeatedly.

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