How to promote your Twitch channel – a guide for streamers


When you first start streaming on Twitch, it can be difficult to find viewers, let alone keep them around for more than just one stream. It’s easy to feel discouraged and give up the idea of streaming altogether – but don’t! It’s possible to build an audience from scratch, and by keeping these tips in mind when promoting your channel, you can make sure that you have the best chance of success with as little effort as possible.

What do you need to promote your Twitch channel?

Before you can start promoting your Twitch channel, you need to ask yourself a few questions: Who is my target audience? What do they like? What don’t they want? How can I best communicate with them? Where do they hang out online? Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to get started. 

Here are two tips to promote your Twitch channel.

– Get well-designed overlay templates

promote your Twitch channel


Twitch overlays are designed to help you stand out from other streamers in your niche. If you want people to notice your Twitch channel, make sure that yours looks professional and well-designed.

– Select a games

There are plenty of games available on Twitch, but not all of them will work for every streamer. It’s important to select a game that appeals to your target audience.

Where to Advertise a Twitch Stream?

1. Promote Your Twitch Channel on YouTube

Youtube is one of the biggest video platforms on earth. It’s also where most people go when they want to watch something online. So if you have some videos up on youtube, it makes sense that you should use them as part of your Twitch promotion strategy. To do so, find out what other popular Twitch streamers are doing and follow their lead. For example, if they post links in their twitch chat every time they upload a new video on YouTube, you should do that too!

2. Promote Your Twitch Channel on Twitter

If you’re not already using Twitter, now might be a good time to start. You should create an account and link it with your Twitch account (this can be done under settings). Then make sure to tweet about your Twitch channel every once in a while (you can use Hootsuite or Buffer for help with scheduling).

3. Promote Your Twitch Channel On Reddit

Reddit has long been a great place for Twitch streamers to get exposure. If you aren’t familiar with how Reddit works, here’s a quick rundown: each subreddit is dedicated to a specific topic (like r/games), and users submit content related to that topic. Other users vote on whether they like content or not, which determines its position on the page. This system means that posts that receive many votes move higher up on Reddit, making them more visible than others.

4. Promote Your Twitch Channel on TikTok

This is one of the fastest-growing social media apps around. As such, it’s a great place to share your Twitch streams. You’ll need to download TikTok before you can start sharing, but don’t worry it’s free! 

Here is the ultimate guide on using TikTok to grow your twitch channel.

5. Promote Your Twitch Channel on Instagram

Another social media platform that’s worth promoting is Instagram. Here’s how you can do it: Take screenshots from your live streams and upload them onto Instagram with relevant hashtags (like #twitchstreamer).

6. Promote Your Twitch Channel with Facebook

Do you know that there are over two billion active Facebook users? That’s a lot of potential viewers for your Twitch streams. One way to reach these viewers is by creating custom ads on Facebook. 

7. Promote Your Twitch Channel With Google Ads

There are two main ways to advertise on google ads: through Adwords and display ads. Adwords will allow you to target customers based on search terms, while display ads will allow you to target customers based on interests (like games).

Why Promotion is Important to Your Twitch Growth

If you want to get noticed on Twitch, promotion is key. You can have an amazing channel with awesome content, but if no one knows about it, it will not grow. That’s why it’s important to think about how you will reach your target audience and get them to come to watch your streams. 

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