How to Promote Stream On Twitch? [Ultimate Guide]


It’s safe to say no matter how good a Twitch streamer you are, you’re not going to get very far without viewers. That’s why it’s important to promote your stream.


If you want to grow as a streamer, there are certain rules you need to follow. You can’t just go live and hope for the best. This will only lead to disappointment.

So today we will talk about the best methods that you can use to promote your Twitch stream without even paying a single penny. These methods are suited for every single type of creator.

So, whether it’s your first stream or you are someone with a couple of hundred subscribers, these tips will be crucial for long-term sustainable growth. Let’s get straight into this! 


5 Best Ways to Promote Twitch Channel


One of the best ways to promote your live stream is through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Reddit. The most important thing is that you create content on a regular basis and stick to a schedule. This will let people know when they can expect new content from you.

You should also try to be as active as possible on these platforms. Engage with other users, comment on their posts, and start discussions. The more active you are, the more likely it is that people will take notice of you and your channel.


Here are some of the best ways that you can use to promote your Twitch channel:


1. Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform, with almost 3 billion active users. This makes it the perfect place to promote your Twitch channel.


There are three main ways you can reach your audience on Facebook:


Personal Account

If you have a personal account on Facebook with some friends and followers, you can use this to promote your channel. Simply share links to your stream or videos, write a short description, and add some tags. This is where you can share your streams with your friends and family members and get support.

For streamers that are just starting, this is a great way to get some initial viewers.


Facebook Page

If you want to reach a wider audience, you can create a Facebook page for your channel. This is where you can post updates about your upcoming streams, share videos and highlights, and interact with your fans.


You can also run Facebook ads to promote your page. This is a paid method, but it’s very effective.


Facebook Groups

There are many groups on Facebook that are dedicated to Twitch streaming. These groups are a great way to connect with other streamers and promote your channel.


You can also join discussions, offer help, and give advice. This is a great way to build relationships with other members of the community.


2. Twitter


Twitter is another social media platform that you can use to reach your audience. It’s a great place to share your streams, highlight videos, and interact with other users.

Tweeting about your upcoming streams is a great way to let people know when you’re going live. You can also share clips and highlight videos from your previous streams.


You should also try to engage with other users as much as possible. Twitter is all about interaction. The more you tweet, the more likely it is that people will take notice of you. And by using related hashtags, you can reach an even wider audience.


3. Discord


Twitch promotion through Discord is a popular tactic that streamers use to grow their channel. It allows you to build your community and get long-term viewers. That’s why it’s advised to create a Discord server. Even if you don’t invite people to it or even if you don’t have any viewers yet, set it up and start learning how it works.


It might seem complicated but once you get your hands into Discord, you will see the progress.

Also, if you’re a part of any other community outside Twitch, you can ask the leader to promote your server in their Discord.


Be sure to have your Discord server set up and running before you attempt to gain the audience so you can immediately start inviting them when they join.


You can also go to another Discord and start sharing your live stream. Just keep it spam-free!


4. YouTube


If you want to promote your Twitch channel to a wider audience, then there is no better place than YouTube. Just take a look at the most popular streamers, such as xQc. You will realize that he regularly uploads his streams and makes YouTube content on the side.


Simply uploading your raw Twitch stream or sharing your best moments (montages) will get you all the attention you want. If someone loves your content, they are likely going to check out your Twitch link and head over to your channel.


The nice thing about sharing streams on YouTube is you can also earn money on the side!


5. Reddit


Reddit forms are literally a gold mine that you can use to promote Twitch streams. They enable you to post your media with little to no restriction. So, join subreddits related to your niche and let the world know what makes your streams unique.


Keep in mind that there are some subreddits that outright ban users for self-promotion. Just be sure to read the rules of each subreddit before posting anything.

But mostly it’s allowed, so why not use it to your advantage? Trust me, this could be a game-changer for your Twitch career.

Answer Redditor’s questions and take part in discussions on /r/Twitch for maximum results


Top 5 Tips to Get More Views on Twitch

Twitch as a platform is kind of saturated these days. This means you have to implement different strategies in order to make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd. 


Some basic tips which can boost your Twitch promotion to the targeted audience are:


1. Use Titles, Tags, and Categories For Each Stream

You might be surprised that many creators are not titling their streams. They are just going with “Chill Vibes” or simply writing the name of the game they play.


If you want to thrive as a streamer, you must use titles, tags, and categories. This is one of the most basic things you can do to improve your channel’s discoverability.


The title should be short, precise, and attention-grabbing. You want people to know what your stream is about before they even click on it.


As for tags, try to use around 5 or 6 that are relevant to your content. And finally, choose the right category for your stream. This is important because it helps people find you when they’re searching for specific content.


2. Try to Engage Your Viewers

According to Twitch statistics, almost 50% of the people who chat for the first time in a stream are more likely to come back again. 

This clearly indicates that if you can engage your viewers and make them feel like they’re a part of your community, they will keep coming back. 

So, don’t just sit there and play your game. Talk to your viewers, take part in discussions, and make them feel like they’re valuable.

It’s best to set up timers and commands to help engage viewers.


Once you’re an affiliate, you can even add channel points as well. You just need someone a reason to talk about, as frankly, no one wants to see a soulless zombie in front of their screen!


3. Start Twitch Giveaways

Everyone loves giveaways, but when it comes to Twitch, the stakes are pretty high. If done correctly, it can boost your followers and promote your brand. 


You can start your Twitch giveaway straight from the stream without any coding required. Just open a “Community” tab and select “Create Giveaway.” Next, you want to decide your viewer count, and that’s it.


4. Regularly Schedule your Twitch Streams

Like anything else, consistency is the key to success in Twitch. You need to ask yourself, are you streaming consistently or not? Most of the time, you could be streaming random hours of the day or streaming random games with no consistency. 


You need to lock in a schedule and then follow it, as humans are creatures of habit.


5. Create a Captivating Twitch Profile

Another thing you need to improve is your first impression of the channel. What it means is that your channel should stand out from the thousands of generic competitors with the same style of content.


You have to work on what makes your channel unique and what type of value you are bringing to the market. This goes in tandem with the graphic aspect as well. So, try to upload banners and profile pictures that are truly eye-captivating.


Built-in Twitch Features To Help You in Growth

Now let’s talk about certain features that are going to help you boost your channel’s growth. They all come built-in with twitch and can benefit streamers of all levels.


Disable Pre-roll Ads

Watching streams on Twitch can be pretty annoying, especially when you have to watch those pre-roll ads. This is devastating not only for the viewer but also for the channel as well. According to a survey, one in three viewers will bounce back from your stream only because of pre-roll ads. 


So, if you want to minimize the number of people leaving your channel, you can simply disable pre-roll ads.

First, Head over to your Twitch settings and click on “Affiliate.” Then, scroll to the bottom and choose “Disable Pre-roll ads.”

This is a great way to improve the viewer experience and also keep people on your channel for longer.


Enable Follower/Sub Goal Widget

The follower goal or sub-goal widgets are a great way to boost both your subs and followers.

You can use this widget to show people how close you are to achieving your goals. This creates a sense of urgency and also gets people to take action.


To set up the widget inside Twitch, you need to:

  • Head over to your stream dashboard and click on the “Quick Action” or “+” sign button.
  • Search “Goals” in the top bar and select “Added to Your Buttons.”
  • Once that’s done, you will be met with the ability to start a goal.


Now you can set goal type (sub or follower count) as well as set a description for what the goal will be (e.g., to get affiliated).




As you can see, there are a variety of ways to promote your Twitch channel. It’s important to experiment with different methods and find what works best for you and your viewers. 

Keep in mind that it takes time and effort to grow a successful Twitch channel, but if you put in the work, you will be rewarded with an engaged community that loves watching you stream! 


What have been your most successful methods for promoting your Twitch channel?


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