How To Get Verified On Twitch (A Ultimate Guide)


Do you want to get verified on Twitch? 

How do I get verified on Twitch? How can I contact the twitch chat badge? 

These are all questions that many people have. And luckily, this blog post is here to answer them! We will give you information about becoming a verified user on Twitch, what the verification process entails, and more. 

So if you’re wondering how to verify yourself as an authentic user of the site, then read no further because we’ve got everything covered for you in this article!

Benefits of getting verified on Twitch

If you wonder what the benefits of getting verified on Twitch are, there is a lot to say! Firstly, when you get twitch verification badges, it automatically boosts your credibility as an authentic user. Your followers and viewers will instantly think: “Wow, this person must know their way around Twitch!” 

How awesome would that make you feel? But you can get more than just an ego boost by getting verified on Twitch; there are also other benefits! How many of those could be worth it for you to take a few minutes and go through the verification process. 

What is the Twitch Verified User Badge?

The twitch chat badge indicates that your account has been confirmed as authentic. How do you get twitch verification badges? Go through the process of verification, and your account will be verified! Let’s talk about it below.

How To Get Verified on Twitch

The criteria that are required to follow for getting verified on Twitch:

  • You need at least 500 minutes broadcast in the past 30 days.
  • Seven unique broadcast days in the last 30 days
  • an average of 3 concurrent viewers or more in the previous 30 days
  • You need at least 50 followers on Twitch

If you have these qualifications, you will be able to get verified on Twitch without too much difficulty. The only thing that can be challenging for you is to get 50 followers.

Sadly, there is no shortcut to this! But there is a way to get followers; all you have to do is engage with your audiences, be enthusiastic, and be respectful.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have many followers on Twitch, try to play the games with good views and followers. If you are not sure what games you should play, you can read this blog post on What are the best games to stream on Twitch.

How to Get Twitch Partner

It is difficult and competitive when it comes to becoming a twitch partner, but it’s not impossible. You might want to take on the challenge of trying out for partnership if your goals include getting shoutouts from other streamers or having sponsorships with larger companies like Red Bull. 

How do you become a twitch partner? All you need to apply for a partnership is an application on Twitch, and then wait to hear back from someone at the company!

How to Get the Twitch Verified Badge

Getting verified by Twitch is not difficult, but it does take some time. How long will I have to wait for twitch verification badges? It can take anywhere from a few hours to several days! How do I get the Twitch Verified Badge? All you have to do is get verified, and your account will be verified.

Twitch verification: Chat Badge Guide

Let’s first get familiar with all the badges included in the platform. This way, you’ll get to know it better.

Different levels of Moderators and support are found on Twitch and Twitch’s social media. To avoid confusion, here is a list of all chat badge types, ranging from users to staff. Twitch officially sanctions no other labels.

  1. User-Type Chat Badges
  2. Chat Badges
  3. Chat Emoticons

User-Type Chat Badges


Twitch Staff: These are the fine folk who make Twitch tick. Say hello!

Admins: These chat badges are given to the people who assist in various ways. In short, admins help you make streaming safe and enjoyable.

Broadcasters: These chat badge types identify those broadcasted on Twitch before. The host is the owner of the channel you are visiting on Twitch. They can remove channel moderators or make a rule according to their needs. You’ll also see them as icons next to streamers you follow!

Chat Moderator: These folks know what it takes to ensure everyone has fun while chatting. The chat moderator is selected by the broadcaster (owner of the channel). They can ban, enable slow, time out, and many more.

Verified: This verified icon means that the user is a twitch verified user. These chat badges are given to those who have verified their identity on the site with Twitch, which can be done in your account settings under ‘verification.’ 

VIP: This one is for our premium subscribers! Streamers recognize these users as loyal members. VIPs can chat and channel moderator settings, although the channel moderator can moderate them.

Chat Badges

Turbo User: This chat badge is given to those who are signed up for Turbo, A premium subscriber of Twitch.

Prime Gaming User: These chat badges identify Prime members on all the platforms. How can you get a Prime Chat Badge? Become an Amazon Prime member, and then link your twitch account with your amazon ID!

Chat Emoticons

The chat emotes on Twitch are little stickers that you can put in the text box while typing a message. To use one, type its name and then hit enter!

There’s also a huge library of icons to choose from–and once again, all you have to do is type them out, followed by entering. Some popular examples of emotes are Kappa (means okay), PogChamp and MrDestructoid.

The chat color is the background of your text in a chat; you can choose to be a User or an Op. The difference between these two is that “User” displays their name on the message they write, whereas “Op” does not show their name in their statement.


Twitch is a great place for gamers to come together and share their love of gaming, but getting verified can be tricky. I hope this guide on “how do I get verified on Twitch” will make your process much easier.

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