How To Get a Tick on Twitch? [2022]


Do you want to stand out as a verified streamer among the thousands of other content creators? Getting a little blue tick next to your name on Twitch is a surefire way to do just that.

The process of getting verified on Twitch is a bit more straightforward than you might think. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to get verified on Twitch.

Twitch is a live video-streaming platform where you can enjoy watching gamers play games, including Esports competitions. At the same time, the streamers can provide commentary during the live stream while playing games to keep the viewers engaged.

Typically, a thought might come to your mind that only celebrities, well-known channels, and brands can get the tick on Twitch; but that’s not true. 

If you have a strong desire to get verified and are eligible for it, then you can easily achieve your goal.


What is a Twitch Verified Badge or Tick?

The verified badge symbolizes an octagon with a white tick inside. A verified badge is a Twitch symbol that is placed next to a Twitch user’s name to indicate that the account is an official channel or verified. 

Like other social media platforms, such as Twitter and YouTube, the verified badge gives more authenticity to the account.

Ever imagined why people buy branded clothes? That’s because a symbol of the brand means quality and authenticity that the clothes are original. Exactly! That is how Twitch works; getting a tick means you are the authorized and legitimate owner of the stream.


What Should You Do to Get Verified on Twitch?

Tick on Twitch is given to two types of streamers, the ones who have reached the Partner Program and others who are celebrities.

Some non-partner streamers also get the tick, but that is quite rare and difficult.

Apart from applying for the verification process, build a healthy relationship with your audience. Focus on growing the channel, provide clips from Twitch, and interact with the followers. Sharing the coolest moments of the stream with the followers is a useful technique because the audience can share those interesting clips on social media. That’s a smart way of growing your channel, isn’t it?


Where Will The Verified Tick Appear?

A verified badge appears next to the streamer’s username. So, any newcomer on your stream or channel will notice the tick mark next to your name. Apart from the username, a verified badge appears in the chat. So, anyone who wants to interact will come to know that your channel is authentic.


Perks of Getting Verified on Twitch

Being a partner or verified on Twitch not only helps grow your channel but there are dozens of benefits associated with it. That is why it is a dream for every streamer to get the verification badge next to their name on Twitch. 

If you are a verified Twitch streamer, you enjoy the following perks:


  • Increased emote slots for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 subscriptions. Partnered streamers can get up to 50 emote slots.
  • High income from subscribers if the streamer qualified
  • Better and advanced ad settings
  • Longer VOD storage of 60 days
  • Ability to create Twitch stream teams, which means more channel growth
  • Guaranteed video quality options and transcoding
  • Priority Twitch support


Get a Tick By Becoming a Twitch Partner

Initially, the Twitch Partner Program criteria were easy, and there were other metrics through which people used to qualify for the Partner Program. With time, the criteria for the Twitch Partner Program became strict. If you want the verified badge, the only way is to get through the partnered program.


Be the partner, and then complete all the path requirements to an Affiliate.


Twitch Affiliate Status

There are essential requirements that you need to fulfill in 30 days; these include:


  • Get at least 50 followers on your channel
  • Stream for a minimum of 8 hours in 30 days
  • Stream on seven alternate days a month
  • There should be an average of 3 views on the stream (including raids and hosts)


Benefits of Twitch Affiliate Program

Once you become a Twitch Affiliate, you can enjoy exclusive advantages even before applying for the Twitch Partner Program.


Earn through subscriptions: Viewers can subscribe to streams from three different tiers and Prime free subscriptions.

Earn through Bits: Streamers get a share of the bits purchased from their channel. So, each time a bit purchase happens on your channel, Twitch will share the revenue with you.

Earn with game sales: Affiliate streamers earn a 5% share of game sales of in-game items on their channel.


How to Become a Twitch Partner? (Step-By-Step)

Step 1: Complete the Twitch Partner Program requirements.

To become a Twitch partner, you have to complete certain requirements. Although becoming a Twitch partner requires becoming an Affiliate, you must fulfill the following criterion:


  • Stream at least 25 hours over 30 days.
  • Stream on a minimum of 12 unique days in the previous 30 days.
  • An average of 75 concurrent stream viewers over 30 days.


After completing all these requirements, apply for the Partner Program.

Accomplishing all these above requirements won’t guarantee the Partner Program success, but

these are the initial requirements to apply for the Twitch Partner Program.


Step 2: Open the Twitch sign-up page.


Upon completion of the Partner Program criterion, click on the apply button, which will lead you to the application for the Partner Program. The sign-in page will appear if you are not signed in already. 

After sign-in, click on the upper right corner and click on the button, which will show a drop-down menu. Select the “Request desktop site” option from the drop-down menu, which will lead you to the application form.


Step 3: Fill out an application form for the Twitch Partner Program.


You must write your full name, channel username, email address, and channel description in the application form. Beware! Channel description is important; it must be written effectively to grab the attention of the Twitch team. Explain briefly why you need to be verified and how it will affect the channel in the future.


Additionally, you can attach your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and boast about your fan-following. Having social media presence will help grab attention and create a successful partner deal.


Step 4: Submit the application.


Once you complete the steps mentioned above, click on the “send application” button and wait for the verification process from the Twitch team.


Step 5: Wait for the Email


The Twitch team will review your application and reply once the process completes. It may take up to a week to get a response email from Twitch.


How to Verify Your Email on Twitch?

Sign in to your Twitch account and click on the shining purple button showing “Click here to verify your Email.” 

Once you click, a verification code will be sent to your added email account.

Open the Mailbox and check the automated email. If you didn’t receive the email, go back to the browser and click “Resend Email.”

Open the email and check the verification code; enter it on the opened page in the Twitch app. 

Add the verification code and click the “verify your email” option. Yay! You’re ready to soar in the world of streams.


Some Other Ways of Getting Verified on Twitch

There are alternate ways to get a tick on a Twitch, but the road is bumpy here! You must be exceptionally lucky to get the tick without a Partner Program. Nevertheless, the alternate ways include:

Brand: If you run a brand, a Twitch will provide you a verification badge without the Partner Program.

Celebrity: You must be a celebrity to get a tick on Twitch without the Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner Program.

If you are a beginner or lack the limelight, you must be a Twitch partner to get a badge.


Criteria to Retain Twitch Tick

Once you join the Partner Program, there are a few other violations and rules that you should follow to retain the tick on Twitch.

Twitch team may review the value your brand is bringing to Twitch.

Twitch can evaluate your behavior, morals, and the community. Any violation may lead to a Partner Program cancellation.

Twitch can also look at your reputation and how you represent yourself on social media.

They will keep the record of an infraction and ban history into consideration. So, make sure to follow TOS, community guidelines, and DMCA guidelines.



After reading the article, you must have got a brief idea of the Twitch Partner Program and how to get verified on Twitch. Many streamers get the tick on Twitch quite easily, while others are desperate to take it despite trying dozens of times. 

Twitch may deny your request even if the criterion is met because of violations or community guidelines. But, getting rejected from the Twitch Partner Program does not mean the end of your streaming career. You can try again or follow other ways to get verified on Twitch.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Good luck with your streaming career!


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