How to Create a Discord Community That Thrives

How to Create a Discord Community That Thrives


A discord community can be an incredibly useful tool for content creators, businesses, and anyone else who needs to reach and engage with their target audience. However, creating a successful discord community takes more than just creating the community itself — you’ll also need to know how to take care of it, market it, and nurture it over time to make sure it continues to thrive long after you create it in the first place. This article will teach you everything you need to know about creating a discord community that thrives.

1. Build your foundation

When creating a community, it’s important to understand who you want in that community and what they can get out of it. Are you looking for streamers? Are you looking for people who want to talk about video games? Or are you trying to create something more serious, like a game design forum? Be clear on what kind of community you’re building and why people want to join it.

2. Choose your structure

Once you know who you want in your community, it’s time to decide how best to organize them. There are two main ways communities organize themselves—either by topic or location.

Suppose you’re looking to build a place where gamers can come together and discuss their favorite hobby. You might consider having categories based on specific games (e.g., Forum for Gamers Who Love League of Legends). On the other hand, if you’re trying to build a general gaming community with members from all over, perhaps categories based on geographic location are better (e.g., Discord Community-Based in San Francisco).

3. Choose your personality

Once you have your community set up, it’s time to think about its personality. What do you want your community to be known for? What kinds of discussions do you want to encourage? How should users interact with each other? Your answers will shape every aspect of your community going forward, so take some time to think through these questions before moving forward.

4. Set guidelines

As soon as people start joining your discord server, there will be rules and guidelines. It’s important to establish those rules early on and ensure everyone understands them. For example, you may choose not to allow swearing or sharing personal information in your discord server; whatever those rules are, make sure everyone knows them ahead of time.

5. Communicate often

Building a thriving community takes work—and communication is key! Make sure you keep everyone informed about what’s happening with your community, whether new features are added or issues that need addressing.

6. Don’t neglect moderation.

An online community without moderators is unlikely to fail, but don’t forget that moderation goes both ways. While you should enforce rules and ban toxic members when necessary, you also need to communicate regularly with your moderators, so they feel supported and valued.

7. Promote! Promote! Promote!

You can have a beautiful community full of wonderful people, but you won’t grow very fast if no one knows about it. Make sure you let everyone know about your new server—post on social media, send emails to friends/family/colleagues who might be interested in joining your new community, etc.—and make sure those posts include links to join.

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