Top 10 Best Gifts for Streamers for Any Occasion

Gifts for Streamers


We all have that one friend or family member who loves to stream for an audience on Twitch, whether themselves or others. This list has been compiled to provide you with the best Gifts for Streamers with your gamer in mind.

When choosing items, try and think of what would make streaming feel like home; many pieces can make or break a streamer’s experience.

So without further ado, let’s begin the list of the best gifts for streamers.

1. Microphone

No matter their streaming platform of choice, the microphone is one of the most important pieces to any streamer setup. After all, what good does it do to get thousands of viewers if they cannot hear your gameplay while talking about it? You don’t want to do a disservice to your audience by having poor audio quality, and that is why they will need a good microphone.

One of the best microphones on the market is The Blue Yeti. It is well-known among streamers because of its blue voice effects, four pickup patterns, headphone output, volume control, mic gain control, adjustable stand, plug, and play blackout.

2. Gaming Mouse or Keyboard

The craziest thing streamers realize when starting is that no one cares about their stream setup more than they do. The unfortunate truth is that some people spend over $500 on their streaming platform while others can get away with just using a laptop trackpad and built-in speakers – it’s all preference!

However, this does not mean that they should neglect what equipment they use when streaming. While many professional streamers like to push their gear on their viewers, it is unnecessary for someone just starting. However, a professional streamer always makes sure that the equipment allows them to play and stream their favorite games at an optimal level, such as keyboard and mouse.

Many people still use a generic keyboard or mouse from their monitor manufacturer, but this is not the best option. Several gaming mice and keyboards on the market provide a better grip for those long stream sessions and customizable buttons to further personalize the experience.

While prices can range from $50 to $1000+, Logitech has great products for all sorts of budgets, including their Logitech G Pro Keyboard, Logitech Gaming Mouse, and the Logitech G910 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Keyboard.

3. Webcam

Most streamers record themselves at least once throughout their streaming sessions to further interact with their viewers by using video calls or to show what they are doing that day.

The most common webcam used by streamers is the Logitech C920, which has a 1080p resolution recording at 60 FPS, but it isn’t perfect for all setups. Some people do not like how wide their faces are captured with this webcam so they may opt for something smaller – you have to find what works best for you.

Here is a complete review of the best webcam for streaming.

4. Stream Deck

One of the most important things to any streamer is interacting with their audience through social media, Twitter, or Twitch chat. Although tons of keyboard shortcuts can be used to navigate these social media platforms, sometimes they aren’t enough – especially if someone wants to jump to something else while streaming or recording.

The Stream Deck is a small controller that allows you to program up to 15 buttons by opening new browser windows, launching applications, and sending out tweets. It has an OLED display that will show what each button does when pressed; this helps streamers who might forget the function of a particular button.

5. Twitch Clothes

There is no harder job for a gamer than that of a streamer. Twitch and YouTube celebrities are often associated with their platform and not the other way around, which means viewers will do everything to find out about these people’s lives away from the camera (weirdos).

For this reason, many streamers dress up or down depending on what they are streaming or playing that day to make sure they fit the situation. This shows their viewers that they care about them and will do anything for their entertainment.

TeePublic has a great selection of custom clothes for gamers, including dresses, tank tops, shirts, and hoodies.

6. Strip Lights

Strip lights are a great addition to any streaming setup, especially if someone enjoys being seen on camera. These lights provide a nice glow around a streamer which also looks good in pictures and videos that they may want to take while broadcasting or on other social media platforms.

Stark LED Strip Lights have been one of the top choices for streamers because it provides a cool-looking glow, but it is also super lightweight and thin. It is also waterproof and the perfect gift for streamers with different needs if someone wants to take their streaming set up on the road for an event.

7. Steam Gift Cards

Twitch streamers are often partnered with game developers who give them copies or even codes for games to play during their streaming sessions. These games can often be played for several hours, so the streamer must have the proper hardware and internet needed to keep up with what they are playing.

The cloud of mystery around how much money is made per month on Twitch and YouTube is strong, but there are still a few ways to figure out your estimated starting point for revenue.

For example, you can check out popular YouTubers’ recent videos on the subject and see if they release any information about how many subscription views they have or do some research online.

8. Second Monitor

A second monitor is a must-have for those who stream and record themselves simultaneously, and it can be the best gift for streamers. This gives them the ability to see everything happening on their screen without constantly switching back and forth between applications. It also makes it easier to keep track of what they are streaming at all times, which means that they never have to worry about the quality of their stream dropping.

9. Key Light

The key light is a special light that places a focused beam on someone’s face while recorded or streamed. This prevents harsh shadows from appearing on the face and gives the person a more professional-looking feel when playing or launching a stream.

10. Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are not a necessity for streamers, but they make it easier to sit in front of a computer all day. It also helps with the aches and pains from sitting in a chair. A gamer wants to achieve the best performance possible, which means taking care of their body while playing.

Which of these gifts would you be most excited to receive? Let us know in the comment box!

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